• Food Processing Machine Manufacturers in Noida

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Growmax Machinery is a company specializing in food machinery dealing with the manufacturing and supply of bespoke food manufacture equipment. We manufacture and export food production machines that are widely used in snack foods, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food and beverages, rice & pulses, tobacco, confectionery, cosmetics, automotive sector, hardware industries – and much more.

With some of the most highly qualified personnel from the industry, coupled with state-of-the-art machinery, we design these machines keeping in mind the highest standards of quality.

As a highly recognized company in the industry, Growmax strives to deliver the very best food processing equipment to food manufacturing clients worldwide.

Our Products

Every item of our food manufacturing machinery –

  • Is made using the most hygienic materials
  • Is designed for easy access cleaning and maintenance
  • Is made ensuring that there are no areas which collect food and other remnants
  • Is built to last for a very long time
  • Is unique in design and purpose
  • Is manufactured in a way that they match the needs of your food production
  • Is designed to optimize production, eliminate waste and automate as much as possible
  • Enables clients to deploy their manpower to other areas of the food production line

Our Approach

We are personal and flexible in our approach and have a vast knowledge and expertise of food manufacturing processes. Our experience has enabled us to overcome almost all food processing challenges till date by finding the right solution according to our Client's needs.

Our Values

Through the years, Growmax Machinery has been operating under the strong pillars of Commitment, Customer Support and Continued Determination.

A superior quality guaranteed through a commitment to excellence at every stage of manufacturing and design.

An enviable customer support throughout the entire process and even after sales.

A continued determination to outperform competition through research and development and service.