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Macaroni/Pasta is one of the widely consumed snacks around the world and people always like to indulge in this refreshing snack from time to time. However, the most important aspect of this snack, in terms of taste and quality, depends on the manufacturing process. Like any processed food, pasta requires a very delicate process of manufacturing that gives the right texture, taste and quality to the snack.

For such delicate process, we at Growmax specialize in the manufacture of high quality pasta machines that maintains the balance in processes right from mixing of ingredients to the production of the final product. As far as quality is concerned, out fully automated machines ensures that the ingredients are in a state of protected environment away from dust, germs and contaminants.

Growmax uses high quality stainless steel and food grade plastic and rubber components for the pasta machines to ensure that the food remains nutritive and good for consumption. Our manufacturing processes are highly structured, with experienced people looking after the minute aspects of production and quality, ensuring the equipments has a long sustainable life.

Growmax, over the years have grown into a trustworthy name in the market and has been associated with leading food, snacks and beverage industries, nationally and internationally, due to the stringent manufacturing norms we follow. We aim to deliver an endearing, satisfying and healthy experience for the end consumer, and to fulfill that experience, we produce the most affordable machines for our valued partners in the food and beverage industry.

  • 1. Fluent efficiency without interruption
  • 2. Free from rusting
  • 3. Long life, free from overwhelming servicing